How to Reset your Wi-Fi password 2024: Improve the Security of your Internet Network

How to Reset your Wi-Fi password

Do You Know a WIFI Network? A WIFI network enables the users to use the facilities of the internet without the involvement of chubby cables. If you are connecting with the wireless network then someone else can also connect with your network. The key to protecting your wifi network from others is to have a password for your wifi network. Password adds a layer of security and restricts intruders from hacking your wifi network by installing the malware into your devices and the password does not allow them to use your wifi network.

It is necessary to change the router’s default password and name when you buy it. To change the password for the router, you simply visit the router’s configuration page by logging in. On that page, you can change the name of the WIFI network also.

How to find your Router’s IP address

The process of changing the password for the WIFI network requires the IP Address. To access the configuration page of the router, you have to enter the IP address of the router in the browser, the default IP address of the browsers are or If this is not the IP address for your router. You have to look at the bottom side of the router device or you can also check the user manual of the router for the IP address. You will find the IP address. In some cases that IP address still doesn’t work as the ISP/internet service provider may change the IP Address for your router. You can also call the Internet Service Provider to get your router’s IP address and you can also get help from your phone or laptop to check the IP address for the router.

How to change your Wi-Fi password

To change the password for the WIFI network you must have the IP address of the router. After obtaining the IP address for the router, follow the below steps one by one carefully.

  1. You have to open the internet browser on your laptop like Chrome, etc, then write the IP address of the router in the top URL bar, where you type the website address.
  2. The login page of the router will be in front of you.
  3. The login page will ask you to type ID and password for the router.
  4. The default user name is admin and the default password is userAdmin.
  5. If these login details do not work then you have to look at the device/router, the default ID and password are usually written on the backside or bottom of the router.
  6. If you did not find the ID Password on the router then you should call the internet service provider.
  7. The next step is to find the Wireless Service or WLAN, Wireless Security, or WIFI Settings.
  8. You will find this setting on the top menu of the router page after login. ‘
  9. Then you will see the WIFI Password filed or Key Filed.
  10. You have to write the new password in this field and your password must be secured enough that it is not easily guessable.
  11. The next step is to save the changes you have made to the password or you might have the Apply button.
  12. This way the password for the WIFI will be changed.
  13. If you find this task difficult, you can call your ISP and ask them to do the complete process for you, you should be careful not to tell the new WIFI password to anybody.
  14. After the activation of the new WIFI password, all the previously connected devices will automatically be disconnected and you have to enter the new WIFI password to reconnect them again.

How to change your Router’s name

You can change the name of the router on the same configuration page where you have changed the password, the steps are given below.

  1. Open the browser, and enter the IP address in the browser.
  2. Enter the login details of the WIFI.
  3. Go to the WIFI Setting Tab.
  4. Change the SSID Name or WIFI Name.
  5. Tap Apply or Save to implement the new WIFI Name.

What if I forgot my WIFI password?

If you forget the WIFI Password you have to connect the router with the ethernet cable. And follow the below steps.

  1. Press the reset button on the router. You have to use a PIN to press the reset button.
  2. This button will remove the password of the router and now you have to repeat the above process.
  3. Enter the IP address of the router in the web browser.
  4. Login using the default ID /password of the WIFI given at the time of installing the router. The ISP Providers usually write the ID and Password of the router on the backside of the device. You can easily see there, if you don’t find out then you have to make a call to the ISP Provider and ask them for the ID/Password.
  5. Then, you can visit the WIFI Setting and change the WIFI Password and SSID name too.
  6. Click on the Save button.
  7. We advised all the people should save the ID and password for the router in some safe place like in Google Docs or where in their diary or their phone/laptop.


  • A person can change the password of the WIFI and the updated password will be shown in the router’s configuration page.
  • In case you bought a new router, you should change the name of the WIFI network and its password.
  • If a person forgets the password of the WIFI, in that case, connect the router with an ethernet cable or you can reset it

Changing the ID and Password for the router is not a tough process, you must meet the basic requirements of the IP address of the router and the default ID /Password of the router. Then you will be able to update your Username and User Password without anybody’s help. If you find yourself in trouble, you can contact us, we will guide you to change the ID and Password for the router. Best wishes from our side!

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