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How To update Mobile Number In Family ID: Recently big news is announced regarding the family ID update in Haryana. As per the news, the govt has wanted the people to update the mobile number in their family ID. If in a family, there are multiple family IDs and each family ID has the same mobile number, the people have to change the new movie number in the family ID, The govt wants each family ID to have a unique mobile number.

This article is about how a person can update his family ID with a new mobile number, follow all the instructions we listed below to update the mobile number in the family ID and you will find that you can update the family ID on your own.

Change Mobile Number in Family ID

The people of Haryana need to keep their family IDs up to date. There is an issue addressed by the govt of Haryana that people have multiple Family IDs and each family ID has the same mobile number. You should update the family ID with the new mobile number as soon as possible because several services are linked to the family ID. If the person fails to provide a unique mobile number in each family ID, then the govt of Haryana will cancel the Family ID of the person. The person from Haryana can update the mobile number in the Family ID, we will explain each step below.

Change Mobile Number in Family ID: Overview

The table below will explain the main features of the Family ID, who is implementing the Family ID task and what are the benefits of Family ID. Check the brief details of the change mobile number in Family ID below.

Name of Articles Change Mobile Number in Family ID
Who started the Portal CM Manohar Lal Khattar
Beneficiary Haryana People
Benefit Provide an online facility to the people of Haryana
Apply Mode Online
Official Website meraparivar.haryana.gov.in

The Linkage of Mobile Number with Aadhaar Number is Mandatory

The people who want to link the Family ID with the new mobile number should have the Aadhar Card updated with the same mobile number. The person who has a different mobile number with the Aadhar Card and wants to update a different mobile number with the Family ID, is will not be possible. The people of Haryana should have updated mobile numbers on the Aadhar Card and the same mobile number will be updated in the Family ID, you can not have different numbers on the Aadhar Card and in the Family ID. The govt will first verify the Aadhar Card and then allow you to update the same number in the Family ID.

How to Change the Mobile Number in Family ID

The number you provided at the time of registration of your Family ID is changed now or lost or if you have the case of multiple family IDs, you can follow the below steps to change the Family ID phone number.

  1. The first step is to move to the official website of Family ID for Haryana govt, meraparivar.haryana.gov.in. or https://onetimeregn.haryana.gov.in/updatemobileno.aspx
  2. Then see the menu in the tab section
  3. Go to the citizen tab.
  4. Then choose the option to update your mobile number.
  5. Then provide the details of your Aadhar Card and mobile number.
  6. Click on the Validate button.
  7. Then you will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number.
  8. Then verify the OTP.
  9. After the verification of the OTP, your mobile number will updated in the Family ID.

What documents are required for family ID in Haryana?

The person who wants to apply for the family ID in Haryana should have the below documents

  • The Aadhar Card of the person.
  • The voter Card of the person will be asked in some cases.
  • The person should have a Bank Account in his name.
  • The family needs the DOB proof of the person, you can upload the Birth Certificate or 10th DMC as DOB proof.

How to Update the Family ID in Haryana

The govt of Haryana has provided two modes to update the details in the PPN, and family ID, the first is self mode and the second is assisted mode.

In the first self mode, any person can visit the official website of the Family ID and make the changes in the family ID by following the given steps on the Family ID website. Visit the page https://meraparivar.haryana.gov.in/. In the assisted mode, the person can reach out to the CSC Center or Suvidha Kendra to update the changes in the Family ID. You can check the updated operator list of the CSC Center in your area here https://meraparivar.haryana.gov.in/ActiveOperatorData/ActiveOperatorData. The person can check all of the details and updated news about the family ID on the government-sponsored website, https://hppa.haryana.gov.in/Edit-Detail.html. , https://onetimeregn.haryana.gov.in/updatemobileno.aspx


We have shared the details of how a person can update the mobile number in the family ID and also we share the details of how a person can make any other changes in the Family ID, all the steps are very easy, and you can update the details online as well as you can go to the nearest CSC center. All the readers are welcome to share their doubts and suggestions with us. You can write the queries in the comments on this article, if you like the details then tell us, and if you do not like it, then also help us improve.


Q: Can we edit the Family ID in Haryana?

Ans: Yes a person can edit the details in the Family ID, like you can add a new member to the family ID, you can update your income in the Family ID, or you can update the mobile number in the Family ID.

Q: How can I get my family ID online in Haryana?

Ans: Any person from Haryana can apply for the Family ID by visiting the portal Meraprivar.gov.in.

Q: Can we update the mobile number in the Family ID in Haryana?

Ans: The family ID’s mobile number can be updated using the online website services of the Meraprivar.gov.in website.

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