Voter ID Updates 2024: How to Change Address Details on Voter ID Card

A voter ID card is allotted to the Indian Citizen when they reach the age of 18 years. Voter ID Cards give the right to the person to choose the leader as per their choices and preferences. Apart from this, the Voter ID card also serves as proof of the address of the person. It can be used as a certificate of identity. The voter ID card is usually used to register for the Voting process and to give the vote to the favorite leader.

A person must ensure that the information written on the Voter ID card should be correct and updated. If a person moves to a new address permanently he must update the address in the Voter Card. You should update your name in the list of voters to the new constituency. Update the Voter ID card is now an easier process, you can update the address in the Voter card using the online service.

How to Apply for Correction of Voter ID in Case of House Change?

The Electorate Commission of India has made the Voters’ Service Portal to help Indian citizens do some basic services on their own. If a citizen moves to another location like from Delhi to Bangalore, they should inform the ECI organization about the address update and should update the details in the Voter ID Card.

Documents Required to Change the Address in Voter Card

We have given the list of documents you should have to change the address in the Voter Card.

  1. The person must have a valid EPIC number.
  2. You should obsolete the old EPIC Number.
  3. Proof of the new address.
  4. Aadhar Card.

How to Change Address on Voter ID Offline?

You can follow the below steps to update the address in the Voter ID Card offline way.

  1. The person who wants to update the address will have to fill out the Form 8A.
  2. The link to save the soft copy of the Form 8A is here.
  3. Save the Form and print it on the White paper.
  4. This form is for the Transposition of Entry in the nearest electoral Office.
  5. The person must provide the correct details in Form 8 A, like the new address details, state, district, PIN code, Name, etc.
  6. You should attach the address proof of the new address with the filed Form 8A.
  7. Find the nearest electoral Office near the new address and submit the form along with the documents to the electoral office.
  8. The Electoral Office will verify the details of Form 8A and the new address.
  9. When the verification is done, you will be provided with a new Voter ID card with the new address.
  10. The person will receive the message that your name is added to a new constituency.

How to Change Address on Voter ID Online?

The person who does not want to go to the Electoral Office can opt for the online service of the govt of India to update the address in the Voter ID. All the steps are written below, check them now.

  1. The person will be required to open the web portal of the Chief Election Officer of the new region.
  2. Then choose the link of Online Voter Registration.
  3. Here also, you have to fill out Form 8A, now you can fill it out online.
  4. So, click on the Form 8A.
  5. Now add the details in Form 8A, you must provide the correct info in Form 8A.
  6. Carefully provide the details of the new address like new state, new district, new block, new tehsil, etc.
  7. Now, you have to upload the new address proof in the Form 8A.
  8. You can use the Bank Passbook, electricity bill, or similar documents that show the new address.
  9. Now, you can submit the online Form 8A.
  10. Now a reference number will be generated, you can use the reference number to track your application.
  11. In the online process also, the verification of address will be done by the nearest Electoral Office.
  12. On successful verification, the person will receive the new voter ID.

How to Track the Application Status?

The aspirants will be asked to move to the  Voters’ Service Portal and there you can easily track your application and check the status of the address change application.


  1. Navigate to the portal link of
  2. Now find out the track application status.
  3. Enter the captcha Code and click on the login.
  4. The page will show the details of your application for address change on this page.


The govt of India has made the simple process to modify the address of the other ID card as voting is a very necessary part of the govt. The govt does not want to delay the process of delivering updated Voter IDs to the applicant. A person has to follow the proper steps of Form 8A whether he is applying offline or online. In both of the modes, Form 8A will be submitted to the Electoral Office along with the proof of documents. If a person has any doubt about filing the request for an address change in the Voter ID card, he/she can message us below, we will be obliged to help you.


Q: Can I use my Aadhaar to prove my residence for voter identification

Ans: Yes you can provide the Aadhaar card as the residence of Voter identification or you give your passport/ driving license/ Nrega Card.

Q: How do I update my birthdate on my voter ID?

Ans: If you want to change your photo, address, name, or other thing in the Voter Card, you have to fill out Form 8.

Q: Can I download my EPIC card online?

Ans: yes you can save the EPIC Card from the Voters’ Service Portal.

Q: How can I file a complaint with the Indian Election Commission?

Ans: You can submit your complaint or request to ECI on the below ID and phone number.

  • Email ID:
  • Toll-free Number:  1800111950

Q: What is legitimate address proof? Ans: You can give the Tax ID number, PAN card Number, Electricity Bill Copy, or Bank Passbook copy as the address proof in the Voter ID application.

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